Tina Serota

Tina SerotawebMembership Director

As the Membership Director, Tina’s responsibilities include promoting, managing and directing the day-to-day Village members needs and services as well as programs, social events and service partner coordination. She promotes the Village within the community through speaking engagements, special events and marketing.

Susan Lampert

Susan LampertwebHospitality Services Liason at Shalom House

Susan Lampert helps the residents of Shalom House live with ease and comfort. In her role, Susan acts as an advocate for residents and supports them with various hospitality services. Those services include housekeeping, educational workshops, wellness checks, community referrals and more.

Shelley Ackerman

Shelley AckermanwebBenefits Enrollment Center Coordinator

Shelley is a Benefits Enrollment Center Coordinator. In this role, Shelley will provide educational and Medicare navigation services to older adults and adults with disabilities throughout Atlantic County.Using a web-based tool, she helps people determine their eligibility for benefits such as Medicaid, Medicare, SNAP, prescription savings, energy assistance and other public assistance on the state and federal levels. 

Joanne “Maggie” Weaver, RN

Nurse Educator

Joanne Weaver, known to her clients, friends and co-workers as Maggie, serves as Nurse Educator at Jewish Family Service providing a variety of educational workshops, programs, trainings and seminars. She specializes in diabetes and nutrition and works closely with care coordinators in the James Klinghoffer Nursing & Nutrition Program to ensure consumers are informed to lead healthy and active lifestyles.

Be a Member

Village by the Shore offers a unique concierge style to serving community members. One call offers an easy “one-stop shopping” experience with access and referrals to high-quality preferred service providers, specialists and social services.

Be a Volunteer

Volunteers provide the structure to Village by the Shore. Assisting in many capacities, they enrich the lives of community members. Their creativity, knowledge and determination make our community stronger.

Be a Service Partner

Service Partners are local businesses and community organizations who partner with JFS to offer a variety of reliable, trustworthy and quality services to Village members.