Sponsor a Member

Sponsoring a member is a gift that lasts throughout the whole year. Sponsoring a member not only provides services for a loved one but gives you piece of mind knowing that if your family member or friend needs help, The Lynn Kramer Village by the Shore will be there.  A member sponsorship is a great gift for a friend or family member that is looking to make their life easier. Individual membership is $180 per year. 

Be a Member

Village by the Shore offers a unique concierge style to serving community members. One call offers an easy “one-stop shopping” experience with access and referrals to high-quality preferred service providers, specialists and social services.

Be a Volunteer

Volunteers provide the structure to Village by the Shore. Assisting in many capacities, they enrich the lives of community members. Their creativity, knowledge and determination make our community stronger.

Be a Service Partner

Service Partners are local businesses and community organizations who partner with JFS to offer a variety of reliable, trustworthy and quality services to Village members.